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Hey Ladies, I had the most bizarre experience yesterday evening. I was walking up to our front door with DH when all the sudden it looked like it was raining glitter wherever I looked. Quite pretty...but, a little disturbing. I know that seeing spots can be a sign of pre-e but what about sparkles? I didn't have a headache, wasn't swollen and have been feeling just fine and dandy. Let me know if you have any ideas!
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Re: Seeing...sparkles??

  • I've been seeing them since I was about 16w and the Dr hasn't said anything. I even have headaches, dizzyness and swelling but I guess the sparkles are "normal blood flow changes"


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  • I had that a few times when I was pregnant with DD#1. My OB told me to call them wtih any vision-related changes...just to get things checked out and make sure it's not a spike in blood pressure or drop in blood sugar. Probably not serious, but worth a call...
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  • I have them too!
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  • So glad it's not just me! I'll mention it to the midwives just in case though. It didn't last long but I still want to be careful!
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  • This happened when I sneezed the other day!  I thought I was just going crazy.  It really was pretty, though.

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  • I think it has something to do with re-regulating blood pressure like pp said. It happens to me when I lift my arms above my head. H sometimes comments how he is seeing stars after a long run so maybe it's slowing down after exercise?
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  • Happens to me to when I stand up or sit down to quickly. OB was not worried because my BP has been normal. She said if it gets worse or is followed by swelling or other things to call.
  • I see them often and have mentioned it to my Dr. and they seem to think it is just related to my BP which is always very low.   If I get up to fast or get lightheaded they come around more.  You should definately tell your Dr. just so they are aware.  
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  • It's happened to me twice and both times, I was outdoors in the heat, moving around a lot (once at a wedding and once at an attempt to help DH pull weeds out of flower beds) went away both times, once I sat for about 20 minutes and had water.
  • Me too.  I mentioned to my OB at my last appt a couple weeks ago and she said its BP related.  Low BP.  I haven't gotten them anymore lately since I"ve been more aware.  I also looked it up and while its not bad like high BP and getting Pre-E, there is stuff you can do to help prevent.  Stay cool, stay hydrated, and no sudden standing. 

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  • I definitely get the sparkles. I think I first saw them around 9 weeks when I coughed, and I commented to DH how weird it was. He said he has the same thing happen sometimes when he sneezes or coughs, and I am pretty certain he's not pregnant!
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  • Are you talking about silver sparkles? I see them all the time (yes, even when not pregnant). It mostly happens if I turn my head too far (like when I'm looking to see if I got all the hair when I'm shaving my underarms).

    I've never talked to the doctor about it, mostly because I forget about it until it happens. I think I'll write it down so that I can see what my doctor has to say.

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