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Should I be concerned about playing softball?

I just got my BFP Friday. But I'm supposed to be helping out my work softball team and playing on Tuesday night.  Don't really want to tell them, since it's work and it's VERY early. But of course don't want to endanger baby.
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Re: Should I be concerned about playing softball?

  • I have a friend whose hubby made her stop playing for our team immediately. 

     I don't think that was necessary.  As long as it is a co-ed work team and not anything crazy competitive you'll be fine.  Just no diving for balls in the outfield and avoid sliding.  Volunteer to play positions where contact is not an issue (ie: outfield). 

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  • I stopped playing when I got my second BFP (early Aug two years ago) because it's a rule in our league's constitution. I told my team I injured my knee, which wasn't even questioned because I have knee problems.

    The running/hitting/catching is not the problem, you're still able to do physical activity. I guess the concern is getting hit by the ball, or by an opponent when running the bases, etc.

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  • I just wouldn't play 3rd base, or offer to be a base coach. I'm assuming its a coed team, which is typically no stealing etc. Just use your head and don't dive or slide.

  • I'm in luck the game got cancelled! :)
    *** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***
  • Softball is actually one of the activities that my doctor won't put on the safe list. Just too high of possibility of an accident or trauma to the belly. I wouldn't risk it.
  • Still playing Co-Ed at 20 weeks.  I think this will be my last game.  My teammates didn't even know I was pregnant till 2 weeks ago. 

    I've played softball for a long time and in college.  I've been with my co-ed team for the last 3 years.  I know the league and my teammates well.  There are certain teams were I do not feel safe running bases and will ask for a pinch runner.  I play outfield and know how aggressive the guys in left and right center can be.  We also have a no sliding rule since we've lost 3 players (over the years) to ugly sprains/breaks.  My husband is not thrilled with me playing.  He says he trusts me but not the guys I play against.

    If you haven't really played softball before, I would definitely come up with an excuse.  If you've played before and know the people you're playing with, go ahead and play but stick to outfield and get a pinch runner.

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    I called the doctor to get the OK before I played.  Our season ends in 2 weeks so I'm going to finish out and just not play in the fall league.  I play catcher so I was definitely nervous but it was fine.  I'm so early that the uterus is so protected it really isn't an issue.  Just stay well hydrated if it's in the middle of the day & make sure you eat enough before!
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