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I've found a distraction from the dtress and frustration of infertility

That would be the stress and frustration of potty training.  Arrgghh.  We started  hard core this weekend and my living room is covered in pee and I feel like a failure.  On the upside though, I haven't wasted any mental energy obsessing over infertility.

Re: I've found a distraction from the dtress and frustration of infertility

  • I was thinking of trying next week!  How old is your daughter?  My DS is 2 1/2.  I've had several parents tell me he's not old enough/ready yet.  What's your game plan?
    TTC #2 for 18 months RE for 7 months progesterone=BFN/ clomid=BFN/ IUI#1 with clomid =BFN laparoscopy-Diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. IUI#2 letrozole/follistim combo...baby #2 due 3/23/2013
  • My daughter is 2.5.  I think from a developmental standpoint 2- 2.5 should be the target range, but it's SO easy to give up and just say they're not ready.  Against my better judgement I was foolish enough to buy into that 3 day training crap.  It's BS- it takes way longer than three days.  We're staying home all day and DD runs around naked .  I put her potty in the playroom and encourage her to use it.  She gets a sticker on her chart everytime she pees in the potty.  Over the past 3 days she's pee'ed in the potty 5 times and on the floor/furniture/toys like 500 times.  It is sooo frustrating.
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  • My DD is 26 months, and I'm pretty sure she is ready to potty train.  I just keep finding excuses to put it off.  She has all the skills she needs: she has peed in the potty, has no trouble sitting on the potty, can pull her own pants down...I just keep delaying it.  I just need to suck it up and switch her to cotton training pants and start pushing for her to sit on the potty after bedtime and naps.

     Good luck to all of us.

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    DD conceived after 3 years of ttc.
    MFI - DH had varicocele repair and took Clomid to get DD b. 02/2010

    TTC #2 since 6/2010
    10/2012 DH diagnosed with Epilepsy
    A few failed IUIs summer 2012 and 2013. 
    DH taking clomid and waiting to see if he needs another vericocele repair. 
    Hoping for a 2015 baby or babies. 
    Wishing, hoping, waiting.

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  • yunk11yunk11 member

    I think there might be something wrong with me because I don't want my DD to be potty trained. This is the last of her "baby-ness" and I don't want to lose that. I know that I should start to work on it (I do ask if she needs to use the potty but I don't push it). I keep making excuses, so good for you for actually working on it! 

    I was going to try that 3day potty training program. Did you purchase the PDF or are you just going by the info that is online?  

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  • 3 day potty training is a load of crap.  I knew that originally, but I heard so much about it on the boards that I convinced myself it could work.  All that did was set mysef up to feel like a failure and probably be laughed at by my friends and family who know enough about child development to know it takes longer than 3 days.  Just like with IF I wonder when this will end . 
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