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WWYD re. 1st IUI and travel

Hi everyone,

I am scheduled to have a follie check on Weds. when I will be at cd12.  I wasn't sure if I was going to go thru with the IUI this cycle or just do take the clomid.  Last night we decided to go ahead with the IUI.  My appt is at 430pm.  I am leaving Friday night for vacation.  Is there enough time to take the trigger and have at least 1 IUI?  Should I try to make my follie check on Tuesday (which is originally what my RE asked but was working with my school schedule and agreed to Weds)?  I want to make sure there is enough time.  


Re: WWYD re. 1st IUI and travel

  • Timing is really important with iui.  If your re wants to start on tues I would try to make that happen. If they are large enough they will do a trigger shot and think my re wanted me to come in 36 hours later (sorry I don't remember because only did one round iui).  Whether they are big enough in time you can't do much about and you might not be able to do in time if you are leaving on Friday.  Good luck and hope it goes well.  Hugs I know it is an emotional time. 
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    I agree with the previous poster, timing is very important. On my last cycle I went it for us check and my follicles weren't big enough yet so I had to come back the next day to recheck, then they told me to trigger the following night Thursday and had the iui 36 hours later Sat morning.  We also had a trip planned and had to cancel and reschedule for a later date because we were leaving Friday as well. Everyone responds differently to the meds, so Good Luck hopefully the timing will work out for you and you can still go on your trip.
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