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WAHHHHH!!!!!!!  I am so excited!!!  I don't know how to post the picture of the "pregnant" but I am so happy!!  Anyone else with BFPs this weekend?

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  • Congrats!!! ...we definitely didn't get one this weekend, but I remember how thrilled we were in Feb when we did! :D Is this your first?? :D
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  • Congrats! That's awesome!


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  • This is our first.  I am 25 and my husband will be 29 in November.  I had 2 miscarriages in college (I was drinking HEAVILY and NOT TTC) so I am hoping and praying that I don't miscarry this time.  I took a test yesterday and again this morning.  Both BFPs :)  AF isn't due until later this week, so will probably test again this coming weekend just to be super sure.  
  • Congrats again and praying everything works out for you! <3
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