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Bed rest

I was recently put on bed rest and getting really restless. Anyone else? I'm 28 weeks and now when I lay flat even if on my side ism really short of breath, can't get comfortable. Any tips?

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  • I've been on bed rest since 23 weeks. I find putting a pillow between my legs helps, and also even a small pillow underneath my belly helps when I lie on my side. If your belly isn't that big, you can even use a small blanket to help, as for the shortness of breath, I can't help you there. I suffer from the same thing and not sure there is much you can do about this. The one thing they did give me when I was in the hospital is a contraption that monitors your breathing, and one big thing they told me to do was remember to sit up and take some big deep breaths, slowly inhaling for as long as you can to help expand your lungs since you don't do that much lying down. That helps the breathing a little bit. Good luck! 
  • I can understand! I was put on bed rest week 19 and I'm 29 now, it's been a long road! Try getting a body pillow to help but unfortunately the aches and pains come with the bed rest. Our bodies were not made to just lay around. Good luck to you! 
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