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Nannies and/or Day Care Options?

Hi everyone!  I'm 27 weeks, and from what I hear, I should have started thinking about day care options about 5 years ago :).

 I find it very hard to predict how I'm going to feel about leaving my baby with either a nanny or day care, but I do know that I'd like some flexibility as I have a flexible job and will want to be able to have a flexible day care schedule (including possibly staying home some days).  Anyway, I'm wondering how to find info on nannies and day care.  I've been shocked by how little I can find on review websites (like Yelp) for day care centers, so I assume there are some other websites where you can really see some feedback from other parents on both day care centers and nannies.

 Any thoughts on where to look for advice or even just for a list of options?  I live in Encinitas, but I work at UCSD, so I'm flexible as far as location.  For nannies, I've heard that there are websites where they are screened, but I don't know where to look.



Re: Nannies and/or Day Care Options?

  • I was a nanny for a little while until recently (due to give birth with baby #2 any day now) and the family I worked for used to find my replacement. 

    When my son was little and I was going back to work I had a really hard time finding daycare options - especially for infant/under 2 care. I asked around a LOT, looked at Craigslist (my SIL found an awesome daycare that way), and also checked at my local YMCA (they provide a list of daycares in the area).

    I'm now having to do the same thing to find a preschool (some have 1-2 year wait-lists!) and will be looking for a daycare with infant availability in a few months.

    Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

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  • I live by SDSU and I been a nanny/babysitter for almost 4 years now! All the people I have worked for found me or I found them on also I have heard about I do know that have background checks, because I got one for others to feel comfortable about me! Good luck and if you ever need help just contact me. I love babysitting and nannying! Always fair and loving to every last child.
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