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nipple shield ?

I use a nipple shield, and it has been working well for us.  I know a lot of people wean at 6 weeks.   My only concern is that I would forget to bring one with me someday and have no way to feed LO.  Is there a reason other than convenience that I am missing?


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Re: nipple shield ?

  • I stopped using one because the research I did said that a nipple shield can reduce your milk supply.

    It reduces contact with the actual nipple and areola which can negatively affect supply.


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  • Convenience is a huge motivating factor for me, but we're not there yet.
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  • I used one for 4 months and had absolutely no issue with supply. It helped fix my son's latch and we're still going strong at 12 months. The only reason we stopped using it was because we went on a vacation to FL and I forgot it lol! I was shocked when Landon latched right on  without it and we never used it again.
  • Same here. DS knocks it off all the time so nursing in public is difficult...but he is so used to it now it's hard to imagine not using it.  It hasn't effected my supply one bit but I have an oversupply.  (not complaining!!)

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  • I've had no issues with supply, and I think it may have made it easier since DD is on bottles during the day with daycare - no nipple confusion since it would be similar for her. I have an extra one that I keep in the diaper bag for just that reason! Do what works :)
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  • No reason to stress about quitting if your supply is okay and you don't mind the inconvenience! Personally I hated the inconvenience part...we are get up and go type people and it's so much harder nursing in public, or being away from home all day with the, sanitizing, storing, getting it on and off discreetly...blah!! At 4 weeks we made a concerted effort to quit. It took about a week to really stop but I'm so glad we did! Nip is 100x easier now!
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  • Thank you ladies!


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  • If you and LO are fine with using it and you have not had any problems caused by it, then I guess there is no reason to stop using it. I, however, LOATHED that darn thing. It would constantly flip off my nipple, LO would knock it off, and it would always leak my milk everywhere making feedings a complete MESS. Both LO and I would be soaked after feedings and we were going through bibs and clothing like nobody's business. In later weeks during weening when I'd have to put it back on to protect my injured nipple (from the bad, lazy latch it caused) it interfered with LO's ability to get milk out efficiently which in turn caused clogged ducts for me. So really I could not get rid of that thing fast enough, but it really is a case by case basis. Some people use it forever and never have to stop using it because of problems.

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