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Postpartum Depression

I don't like DH...

Hi ladies,

This is my first time posting here and I am not even sure what's wrong with me. Is it possible to have PPD this late? My DH is driving my crazy! I can't stand him sometimes, I hate to say that I am resentful towards him and I don't know why. Maybe I feel all alone and that everything is up to me. I am all over the place and in tears ughhh!

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Re: I don't like DH...

  • In no way am I trying to trivialise your feeling but based on what you are also posting on the Working Mom's board I think that it may be possible that you are experiencing situational symptoms rather than from a hormonal reaction. 

    I was diagnosed with PPD very late with my DS and one thing they asked about was my support system, how good the baby was.  Based on everything I was diagnosed with PPD while my SIL who had my neice that cried 22 hours a day for no reason and my brother travelled all the time was diagnosed with situational depression.  The difference between the two was the type of therapy we received and in my SIL's case the therapy was enough where I ended up needing meds.

  • It could be PPD. I have PPD that is more of a situational nature because my husband is a worthless sack of crap but was compounded by my hormonal craziness. I probably could handle his BS  little better if my hormones weren't all out of whack. I would call your OB but also see about talking to a psychologist/ therapist. Having someone to just unload on has helped me so much but the medicine has been an pretty big help as well. She has also helped me to understand that the way I'm feeling is justified and I feel less terrible about it.
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