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are any of you hiding your pregnancy?

we are trying to hold off on telling my boyfriends family for a couple of weeks but im already getting bigger.  im only 10 weeks but look like i could be several months. everything ive read on here says to layer, wear scarves, or wear blazers and cardigans but you ladies know how hot oklahoma summers can be so those options dont work as well for us. any  suggestions?

Re: are any of you hiding your pregnancy?

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    Good luck!! I never had luck hiding it. My belly got big fast!!
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  • Maxi dresses? There are some super cute billowy tops that I've seen too.
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  • I hid my pregnancy until I was about 7.5 months from everyone the only one that knew I was pregnant was the doctor. I did not really get big at all though. when I had my son on May 13 I was 38 weeks and I only looked about 4 or 5 months pregnant but I have also heard wearing baggier clothes it is easier to hide. So good luck on hiding yours.
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  • i was trying to hide it bc we were supposed to spend this past week with all of his family for his brother's wedding. turns out i really didnt need to worry. everyone was so wrapped up in their own things that theyve all been completely oblivious to the fact that i look like im 5 months pregnant. even when i wore my bikini! 
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