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How do you plan on spending fathers day?

When your children are older and actually aware of these holiday - do you plan on spending it like any other sunday? focusing on grandfathers and uncles in your lives? Making it your own holiday with some other focus?

 Thoughts Please!

 With a 10 month old, there was nothing to address. We didn't do anything spectacular, just a happy father's day to our dads and a generally uneventful sunday. But I do wonder what our plans will be with an older child in years to come.


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Re: How do you plan on spending fathers day?

  • We'll celebrate Grandpa, and someday their uncle when he becomes a dad. We spent today with my dad and it was great. He's worth celebrating :) 
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  • Our kids are old enough (6y), but we don't live close to grandfathers/their uncle - so we called and said Happy Fathers Day and had a typical Sunday. Last week they did sign FD cards that we sent out (and then L and I each sent our fathers a gift.) When they have been in school/childcare during this time of year and the class did FD crafts, they did they for our fathers and we mailed those.
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  • We celebrate it as Baba's Day (day for me).  Of course he is too young to know this year....we surprised my parents and joined them and my sis and her partner for a dad's day brunch for my dad.  I do not know how we are going to explain baba's day to MY parents.  E will probably handle it just fine :)


    At childcare they made 2 of the craft for mom's day so we each got one.

  • DW actually celebrates Father's Day as her day. I usually do a craft with Ky to give dada and get her something small.

    We spend the day at DW's parents' house and cook out with her dad and grandpa. We usually stop by my parents' house for a few minutes to see my dad but he is not big into celebrating Father's day.

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  • We too celebrate this as DW's day.  Grandpa and Uncle live in PA so we call to wish a happy day to them, then do something fun for DW.   This is the 3rd year in a row that I have bought one of those cement square stepping stone's.  I put the year and the kids hand print's and it get's decorated usually by older DD for now as the others are still too little.  I am going to have the kids make one each year as she REALLY loves them and I love how special she feels that she has a little tradition. =)
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  • hlkehlke member

    In my family of origin, it's like any other day.  My dad is no longer with us, my sister is a single mom with no dad involvement, and I don't have kids and am in a same sex relationship.  I imagine when we have kids we'll call grandpa (C's dad) and he'll be the recipient of any crafts.

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