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Long time no post - sorry! but I have a question about the NC Zoo in Asheboro. We're planning a trip for tomorrow morning to the zoo. I'll have my 6mo old, 4yr old, 6yr old, & their friend who's 7yrs old- all boys... any suggestions/ideas of what to bring, remember, not allowed, must see, don't waste your time, etc... Thanks in advance ladies for your help!! Big Smile

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  • They let you bring in water, so take that.  Don't forget sunscreen, and I'd say a stroller for the four year old.  The zoo is fairly hilly.  My son loved the carousel and he had a great time feeding the giraffe, but I read the  giraffe feeding is closed right now.  He also really liked the gorillas.  A lot of them will come up right next to the glass, so the kids will be able to get a very good look at them.  If they have the dinosaur exhibit, that's good one too, especially for your older ones.

    For waste of time - I thought the elephants were pretty boring. 

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