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Putting DC in a moms day out program?

What age do you plan to put DC into a mom day out or preschool program? I work at home so I do not do as much with kids as I would like, I am trying to slow down and get a routine going to stay involved with them thoughout the day (doing activites, outdoor play, walks are important otherwise they misbehave) I try to fit work in at naps or while the eat or play. But I can't help but feel my 2 1/2 yr old (will be 3 Feb2nd) would enjoy and benefit from being in some type of program part time just to get out and play with other kids. I wouldn't send her to a daycare but rather some place with structured play, crafts and activities. (They do go to their grandmas once a week, she takes them so I can have a day to work without interruptions)

I can't help but feel a little guilty being home and putting her somewhere. (plus having her little sister home without her.)  I mean the whole point of being a WAHM/SAHM was to stay home with them and not have to ship them off. But at what age should they do something, I am one who strongly believe they need some introduction to school environment before actual school starts? But when to start?

(this is hard for me, my oldest was in daycare since she was 3 months old because I was a single mom and worked so I had no choice for her to be there. Now I do have that choice of sending them or not and just having a hard time letting go of her. (gosh, am I going to be a mess when school really starts!)

Re: Putting DC in a moms day out program?

  • My niece was 3 when she started going to Mother Morning out. She LOVES it. They have a huge playground and lots of things she doesn't have at home, plus she can play with kids her age. She has learned games and all types of crafts. My sister will tell you its the best thing she has ever done for her daughter. They took a field trip to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and she kept telling her mom how excited she was for her to meet her friends.

    She really is having a positive experience and it's only 3 days a week.

    I would suggest trying it, and just see how she does. I'm sure after a little adjusting she will love it! :)  

  • They didn't start preschool until 3 years old.  But before that I did have them in swimming classes, gymnastics, which met once a week.  So they did have interaction with other kids at those activities.
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  • My friend who is a mother of two advised me to get DS into pre-school or some sort of structured interraction with other kids at age two.

    Gymboree offers a pre-school like option.

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  • I did a Mother's Day Out program with DS#1 when he was 2 and 3 through a local church. DS didn't particularly like it, but I enjoyed having some free time once per week to schedule doctors' appointments and grocery shop child-free!
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  • You shouldn't feel bad AT ALL - all the work-at-home moms I know have full-time Nannies at home so that their kids aren't neglected and can be taken to activities; I think it's incredibly difficult to work full time at home and be a fulltime SAHM!  :)

    I haven't heard of anything like a Mother's Day Out program just yet here in San Francisco Bay Area but maybe that's because I'm not actively looking for one...?  ha!  I think it's a great idea for kids to be socialized as early as you can get them around other children... we've had play dates since Emily was 8 weeks old and, once she turned 16 months, we started Swim Lessons and Tumbling Class.  At 24 months, we started Gymboree.  I'm not sure when I plan to put Emily in preschool exactly... maybe around age 4?  I haven't really thought about it but best of luck in your decision and finding something that you kids love!  :)

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  • My DD started MDO last Fall, about 1.5mo before she turned 3.  She spent 1 semester in MDO (1 day a week), then 1 semester in a community preschool (2 mornings a week).  This year she's in a 5 morning a week Montessori preschool.
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  • I'm a WAHM and try to get into a routine too, although I've cut way back for a short time.

    We're starting our dd in mother's day out next fall when she's almost 1 1/2. We'll be sending her for 2 days a week and we might continue her gymboree classes once a week so that's 3 times a week she'll get structured activities and time to hang with other kids.

    I won't feel guilty even though I work from home because she'll need to learn to be around other kids without mommy as she's been around other kids with me since we started gymboree this month. It's like easing her into it, or easing me into it, however you want to look at it.  Big Smile

    Plus it will be nice to have some time to myself to focus on work or to run errands or whatever I need to do. And it's not for 8 hours it's only for about 3-4 hours each day.

    I think it's healthy for both of you!

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