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Charlie's Animal Adventure!

Our first real animal encounter.

In the backyard last evening, a fox came trotting around the side of the house!  He took one look at the humans (C, me and DH) and made a bee-line to the field behind our house.

He stopped so quickly, you could practically hear the screech of his brakes, poor guy!

Charlie was talking about it the rest of the night!  

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Re: Charlie's Animal Adventure!

  • That's so cute! Glad it was a fox and not something else! Are you close to the fires at all? I thought about all our ladies the other day that are CO residents.
  • We're a long way away.. probably 3-4 hour drive, but today the smoke is pretty bad.  Wind is out of the north, so we have an air advisory.  It just smells like a campfire, which is normally good.  But now I want s'mores.

    Pesky's probably got it worse up by her... she's much closer.

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