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XP target GC, donations & black Friday

XP target GC, donations & black Friday

hope you all dont mind me coming over to your board for a minute. But i thought this was worth crossing over ;)

I'm sure you all have seen the BRU ad for black friday. They are selling 12 packs of buy one get one jarred baby food. You can buy up to three cases.

If you plan on going to BRU on friday, I would like to suggest that you take advantage of the deal and donate half (if not all) to your local food bank. People often forget that they can and should donate baby food and formula.

Food banks are especially empty this time a year. And with the poor economy right now, some food banks are even shutting down. People who wouldn't otherwise need food banks are emptying the shelves because they've lost their jobs. The banks are carrying a huge burden and rely heavily on public donations.

Go to http://feedingamerica.org to find your local food bank.

Also, if you ordered that $47 Britax from Target and you got your $25 code in your email, I'd like to make a suggestion. Please consider using that money toward a donation for Toys for Tots or giving it to somebody that needs it more then you do. (unless of course you are the one in need, then ignore this!) While it sucks we didnt get our car seats, I think we all new in reality it was a mistake. We really dont deserve this money. Target is doing a very generous thing and we should be generous in return.?

donate people! donate! you never know when you might need a little charity.?

Thats it. :)?

Re: XP target GC, donations & black Friday

  • That's a nice idea but WIC provides baby formula/food to low income families.  I think anyone that needed a food bank would qualify for WIC.
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  • I think it's a great idea.  Not everyone that uses foodbanks qualifies for WIC, especially in these times.   There is also a processing time for WIC and food stamp approval and families may be in urgent situations.  Additionally, WIC allots a certain amount only per child.  Granted, it's usually generous and probably enough for baby for the month but if and when it runs short, it's wonderful to have access to necessary products at the food banks.  I've seen a number of food banks with "urgent" requests for baby foods...and diapers too in some instances.  (Note:  I just dropped off a meal at the Salvation Army food bank.  Baby food is an "appreciated" and "needed" donation at our local one.)

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  • WIC in our area doesn't give baby food.  Thanks for the ideas!
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