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I know that this is supposed to be a Friday thing, but didn't have time to post on Friday.  I have a phone call I have to make and I am putting it off...It should be a happy phone call (SIL is pregnant after a lot of difficulties) but because of silly family drama I am putting it off.  In my defense I did call once before.  I know they were home because my MIL just finished a phone call with them.  When I called -- they didn't answer.  Of course I think it was because they knew it was me or my husband.  Big sigh. blah, blah, blah.  There is just no way to tell this story without all of us sounding like idiots.  But, geez, I am typing this post instead of calling them.....I just wish there was some reciprocity in this relationship....it is just a one way street with them.  blech.

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  • I so hate that!  Good luck!
  • DH's brothers are kind of oddballs.  I generally try to call them, when I have to, when I know they'd be at work so I don't actually have to converse with them.

    God bless the inventer of voicemail and email!  :)

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  • I spent about a year calling them on and off and leaving messages which were never returned.  I learned after many months that they don't check messages.  I asked them once why they have voice mail when they don't use it -- they just shrugged.  Really?  Are they too cool for voice mail?  Too stupid?  would love to know.  Still haven't called.  I leave for a business trip tomorrow.  I sometimes have more time on business trips so maybe I call from Chicago.....
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