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Nursing bras - I know it's been asked

I know it's been asked a million times... but did anyone buy their bras before milk came in? I'm asking b/c I have a Kohls coupon & gift card & wanted to buy some. I have no idea what to buy. I'm normally a small B, now a large B @ 31 wks pregnant & have a very small frame.... thoughts?

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Re: Nursing bras - I know it's been asked

  • I was the same as you and I'm a C cup now. My boobs get HUGE when they are full of milk, it's almost obscene.. :-(  I found all of the nursing bras I tried on though to be really uncomfortable.. so I just bought a warner's front close bra and a couple of Champion "C9" sports bras from target.
  • I bought one and then I had to re-buy after my milk came in, so I wouldn't recommend it. 
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  • I got fitted about a week after my milk came in. I went up about a cup or two, depending on the bra. 
  • This is so hard! I am normally a B and was a D with DS1 and a C with DS2. 

    You could always buy them and leave the tags on and exchange them later or get some nursing camis. I would recommend a soft bra for the first couple of weeks, like a sports bra vs a traditional bra as they are comfy for sore boobs and can span more sizes - I can wear my sports bra/ soft bras from DS1 but not the traditional bras.

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  • I am normally a B, when my milk first came in, I just bought nursing sports bras in an XL to tide me until milk production was established then went and bought good nursing bras in the correct size, which just happens to be my original cup size with a notch up in the band size.
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  • I suggest getting a sleep bra before then a regular bra after. Dont waste your money getting it too early like I did. I bought a 34DD beforehand but I really need a 36E/F.
  • pre pregnacy I was a b and was a full b to c when I was pregnant. I bought a cup then. Now that I'm nursing and milk has coming, I have gone up to a D. Also just a tip. I have found the the nursing bras that have no wire or real support are more comfortable at night. Then during the day a fully supported bras helps. This will help you sleep better since it will be uncomfortable

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  • I went from a cup to c cup and after milk came in a d cup, id wait to buy any. Or maybe just buy one in a c cup.
  • I grew a whole cup size when my milk came in, so I would wait!
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  • I needed to buy new bras at about 30 weeks because my boobs got huge during pregnancy.  I bought nursing bras then with the hopes of not needing to buy anymore after baby came.  They have worked out well for me... If you do decide to buy them now, I would recommend buying sleep bras... they are way more forgiving for growing breasts.


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