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Addie has been getting better and better at saying thank you. But today when she gave me a towel in the shower I said thank you, she said "welcome." Then I said can I get in here and she said "scuse me." I was more excited then her first steps! Granted earlier today she had a meltdown at a resale shop because she couldn't play in the little house, but every day has ups and downs right?
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Re: AW Manners

  • That is wonderful!


  • Yay Addie!  My mom did a good job teaching my sister and I manners and I plan to do the same for my kids.  I hate that I see so many kids come through school with little to no manners!  I've gotten told that I didn't have to say yes/no "ma'am/sir" many times but it has always been second nature and I find it hard not to. 
  • That's great....way to go Addie!
  • i bet you're so proud!! 
  • That is great!  I love little kids with manners!

    I was so proud of Alex when his grandma offered him food and he said "no, thank you."  I am really trying to work with him on the manners!

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