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Progesterone injections

Is anyone taking them on a pregnancy after having a preemie? 

My husband plan on trying again with Aiden is a year old and my doctor said I will be monitored very closely and will be considered high risk. I will begin progesterone injections at 20 weeks.


I was just curious is anyone had any experience in it and if it worked.  

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Re: Progesterone injections

  • I had the P-17 for DS and I guess the short answer is that the shots were one tool of several that helped me stay pregnant.  I had an IC and was found dilated even though I was already getting the shots at around 20w.  I got a rescue cerclage, bed rest for 15 weeks, AND the shots and stayed pregnant until 35 weeks.  I don't think the shot is the end all be all, and maybe some of our bodies just don't like being pregnant, I guess.  The shots were a little painful going in, but I had no adverse reactions to it.  Good luck, mama!
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  • I was on the 17p shots for my second pregnancy, starting at 16 weeks. I was being monitored for both high blood pressure and PTL weekly. I made it to 32 weeks before being put on bedrest for contractions. I made it another two weeks before I had DD. She was born at 34w 5d and spent 14 days in the NICU. Good luck!



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