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Pre-school graduation

My baby girls are graduating from pre-school today...and I'm in a bit of shock!  How can they be 5.5 already?  Didn't I just bring them home last week?  Wasn't it just the other day that I was struggling with breast feeding and pumping and changing a million diapers a day and wondering if I would ever sleep again?  Someone recently told me that the days seem long, but the years fly by....and I think I finally understand what they mean.  I feel like if I don't hold on tight, then before I know it they'll be graduating high school and moving out.  

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  • A picture of them all ready for graduation:


  • imageMrsJones2005:

    A picture of them all ready for graduation:


    Ok not sure why the picture isn't working :( 

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  • Congrats to your girls and you!
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  • I can't even imagine my LO's being 5 but I know it happens too fast.  Congratulations to your girls.
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