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Cary - how much do you pay babysitters?

Just wanted to get a general idea of what people are paying per hour in the area for occasional sitters.  We've paid $10-$12/hr, depending on experience.  What would you pay per hour for a young, not-so-experienced sitter?  I was thinking $8 is the least I would pay.  Thoughts?

Re: Cary - how much do you pay babysitters?

  • I think your assessment makes sense - I have been lucky to have single friends willing to sit, and we usually do about $10/hour.  They're not doing it for the $ so much.

    We also have had good luck with Just Playin' Around, the drop in place on Maynard.  The kids LOVE it because there are so many toys they don't have, hehe.

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  • I babysitt some in the area but will probably slowly stop doing so since that will be hard with my own baby. I get paid anywhere from $10 - $15 an hour but I have 18 years of experience. Also the families that pay $15 are people that use to to live up North and were use to paying more or I use to babysit for a family of 4 kids all 5 years and younger and they paid $15.

    I think for someone without as much experience and who is younger $8 would be good depending on how old they are and how many kids they will be watching and their ages.

    ETA - I have babysat mostly in Durham, some in Raleigh, but I assume the rates in Cary are the same.

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