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Hi ladies! Who's in Cary with a toddler that could help me with information on daycares, pedi's and playdates =) Thank you

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  • I can only help with 2 of those.  We go to Cornerstone Peds and really like them.  We saw several of the docs before we settled on the one we liked best.  As for playdates, have you tried Meetup?  I know there are a few Triangle and Cary groups - I think a lot of the Cary groups are just moms, at least they were when I checked them out.  We're members of the Alternative Parenting of Durham group because we couldn't find one we liked that was very active around here, and we've made some great friends.  GL!
  • Hi there!  I can't help much with daycares (we used an in-home, and now I SAH)...we go to Cary Peds, and have had a great experience there for 6 years. 

    As far as playdates - it's been hard for me to really partake very much because of the difference in my kids' ages, preschool, etc.  There are definitely groups out there - in addition to the PP suggestions, I would say maybe check out Triangle Mommies.  They have a very active calendar from the looks of things.


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  • Thanks ladies! I have already requested to join two of the meet-up groups and I am looking forward to meeting other people at the park. I will check out those two pediatricians as well.

    Thanks for the warm welcome

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