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ouch- pain in the butt...literally!

I am having some sharp pain on the right side of my butt. When I walk, it is worse and I start to feel it in my lower back and back/side of my right leg. 

 Is this normal? Is it even related to pregnancy? It kind of came out of nowhere today. I'm am limping trying to get around my classroom b/c it hurts so much. What can I do to fix it or will it just go away? 

Re: ouch- pain in the butt...literally!

  • I had that yesterday, but I think it was probably from sitting at my desk all day.
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  • Sounds like sciatica to me! Definitely common during pregnancy....but wouldn't hurt to ask your doc about it when see him/her next.
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    Sounds like sciatica to me! Definitely common during pregnancy....but wouldn't hurt to ask your doc about it when see him/her next.

    This is what I was going to say.
    I had it very bad last time, and some episodes already. There are some good stretches here http://www.parentingweekly.com/pregnancy/pregnancy_health_fitness/lower_stretches.htm 

    and yoga will help as well :)

    This! I am starting to experience it also! I knew what it was though due to earlier back problems I had!

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  • I agree that it sounds like sciatic nerve pain, it is very common in pregnancy along with losening ligaments. I'd try some stretching, for me sitting on a yoga ball and rolling from side to side helped relax my hips and made the pain less. I also go to a chiropactor that has special training in safe adjustments for pregnant women. If you do go the chiropractor be sure they know what to do/not do for you while pregnant, as certain adjustments that are normally fine can cause problems during pregnancy.
  • That happened to me last week. I had been sitting a while and after walking a bit it got better.
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  • i've been experiencing the same thing off and on on my left side. very painful!! i found also that by bending my knees more when i'm doing every-day things (walking up stairs, brushing teeth, whatever!) makes it more manageable. GL!
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