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Hey ladies, I need some advice. First let me explain, I hadn't really been feeling like myself lately (moody, bloated, constipated, peeing more, exhausted, sore breasts, achy back, sensitive to smells, a little nausea, constantly thirsty, & certain foods that I use to love just didn't sound good anymore.) Anyway so last Tuesday night (5/15) I took a first response pregnancy test & got a BFP, Wed I went to the store & bought some Clear Blue digital tests, took one Wed afternoon & got another BFP, I also took one Thursday morning & got another BFP. Friday night I got some cramps & started to bleed, it didn't last long & then it stopped but Sunday night it happend again, also didn't last long. I just moved to this area recently & I'm trying to find a good doctor but I also would like to find a place that will give me a ultrasound right away, I could be wrong but I think I'm already 8 or 9 weeks (I did get a period last month but it was way lighter & shorter then I ever get). I just wanna know what's going on in there but every place I call says they won't do a ultrasound right away, just a pregnancy test but I don't understand how them giving me a pregnancy test will tell me any more than I already know. A friend of mine said I could go to the ER & tell them I'm pregnant & that I think somethings wrong & they will do an ultrasound right then, that means a hefty co-pay though. Is their any other place that might give me a ultrasound right away? or should I go to the ER? or should I suck it up & wait?
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  • I went to the ER when i started to spot and they did give me the ultrasound it was worth the copay to see that all was ok.
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  • not sure what area you live in, but after I had a pee test (positive) at my general docs I made my ob appointment, while at the OB appointment they did an sono, especially because I said I COULD be as far as 8 weeks.  Because I couldn't tell them exactly when my last period was they pretty much had to do one.  Now if the OB you go to doesn't have the equipment there they may have to schedule you to go somewhere else, just ask if they do "in house" sonos. 
  • When I found out I was pregnant I called my insurance company and asked for references of OB/GYN that had prenatal care.  Then I narrowed it down to which hospital that doctor was affliated with.
  • When I went to my OB/GYN to get a pregnancy test, they did an ultrasound the same day. I was 6 weeks so it was a vaginal ultrasound, but I saw my baby and the heartbeat.
  • The spotting you had last month could have been when your egg attached to the uterus, which is perfectly normal. If you would like an ultrasound, call a doc and tell them that you think your pregnant because you tested positive but dont remember when your last period exactly was. I was at 6 weeks when I got my BFP, my dr did a vaginal ultrasound to tell me exactly how far along I am and when my last period was. Best of luck to you. Sometimes you just got to finangle around a bit with a dr to get what you want. After that they will do one more ultrasound for gender identifying and just monitor you monthly throughout.

  • I am kind of in the same situation as you - well basically I got a BFP last Saturday and I had recently moved to a new area and didn't have a doctor so was frantically trying to find one and one that would give me an ultrasound on my first visit. I have no idea when my last period was and think I may be around 8 weeks or so. I haven't had any bleeding, but recently suffered a m/c so am very anxious to get an u/s to make sure everything is healthy so far.  I found a dr that my insurance covers and will give an u/s as long as you are 8 weeks along so I booked with them and have an appt scheduled for next Monday - which consists of a lot of stuff they are making me do as a first timer but it does include an u/s. I would just keep looking until you find a place that will give you an u/s on the first appt - just tell them you believe you are at least 8 weeks. Every doctor has their own rules, but you should be able to find one that will listen to what you are asking for. I would not recommend going to the emergency room bc that may just create stress for you down the road w/ medical bills and also will probably take a good 8 hours or so. Best of luck to you!

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