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I'm new here too

During my pregnancy I was busy on the trimester boards but after having my son 3 weeks ago, I have barely posted anything.

When I delivered the umbilicial cord was wrapped around my baby and I had to go in for an emergency c-section.  His brain lacked oxygen before I delivered him and he has severe brain damage.

These last weeks have been so difficult for me because I have no answers and no classifications for my baby. I feel lost and alone and all I want is my baby to come home (He's still at a Children's hospital NICU).

I came here to hopefully find a community of moms in similar situations who have nothing but love for their children with special needs.

Re: I'm new here too

  • I want to start by saying congrats on your little man. Secondly, I am so very sorry that you have to go through this kind of pain following the birth of your child.

    My son was born on 11-10-07, I had a perfect pregnancy up until about 37 weeks when the ultrasound showed he had stopped growing. I was sent to a specialist who deemed he was just small but healthy. I was induced at 38 weeks on the assumption that he would grow better outside the womb.

    Noah was born screaming, pink, and seemingly healthy. About 4 hours after birth he had several episodes of apnea where he stopped breathing and turned?grayish?blue. He was taken for a CT scan which showed severe brain swelling, an EEG later showed seizure activity and he was started on phenobarb.

    Noah recovered very quickly, stopped taking the phenobarb at 1 month and is now a happy, healthy, neuro-typical child. We are beyond blessed.

    I know my outcome is vastly different, but I also know the pain of those early days...and also the pain of the "what if's"...I have found some blogs of other moms who went through similiar experiences of their babies being deprived of oxygen.

    Check out: owenkeithmarshall.blogspot.com, Iheartmilo.blogspot.com, and birdonthestreet.blogspot.com...they are all very inspirational.


    Best of luck to you in your journey!?

  • Congrats on you new little guy!  I'm sorry you have to be here with us but this board is amazing support.
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  • Congrats on your little man and welcome!!! FYI you should also join us on the NNJ board on The Nest!!! We are a very closely knit group of girls who are offer lots of advice and tons of support!!!!
  • Thank you.  I will join the NNJ board.  I'm always looking to connect with other local moms.
  • Thank you for sharing the blogs with me.  I have bookmarked them.
  • Congrats on your baby boy. I'm sorry that you feel so lonely and alone, but we have all been there and welcome you to our wonderful world, no moment is taken for granted and we have the most treasured babies of them all.
  • Welcome to the boards.
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