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Tongue Tie

My DS has a pretty bad tongue tie. It forms a heart when he tries to extend it. We are meeting in a few wks with an ENT, but wanted to see if anyone has been through this? I know it's debatable about whether or not to have the surgery done right away. But I'm also concerned that if we wait until DS eats with a spoon to determine that it's necessary, he will associate the spoon with the procedure. Has anyone had this? Was it snipped? And, if so, what all is involved w/ the procedure? I believe they it's cauterized, but was anesthesia involved?
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Re: Tongue Tie

  • My son had it really bad, he couldnt even feed because of it. It is an easy and quick procedure. I was even in the room for it. I cried more then he did. :( They snipa piece of skin under the tongue. no anesthesia or anything. no need when they are so young.
  • My son was severely tongue tied.  He couldn't even eat baby foods, when I tried to start those.  He had no lateral movement of his tongue.  His also made a heart shape to it.  I had my son's clipped at around 9-10 months of age.  I had to go to an outpatient surgery center where the ENT did surgeries.  He was given a gas anesthesia so no IV was needed.  They took him back, escorted me to the waiting area and I no more than sat down for 5 minutes when the ENT came out and my heart initially sank, of course thinking the worst.  Then he said "all done".  I was like that's it.  He said that's it, super simple and quick. He put in 2 stitches and that's it.  Within a few more minutes they brough him to me and had me give him some water and once he did that without problems he was good to go home.  I took him home and he was eating that afternoon.  He acted like nothing happened and never had an issue again.  I would highly recommend having it done.  Escpecially if it is severe.  You don't want to be dealing with a bunch of feeding issues and speech issues later on.  Do it while they are young enough not to remember.
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