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Starting Solids?

What age (including adjusted) did you start your LO on solids?
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Re: Starting Solids?

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    our pediatrician also recommended 4 months unadjusted for cereal and 5 mths for other foods. Luckily he took to all the food right away, we actually started purees just before 5 months actual, so around 2 months adjusted

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    02.2013 - loss at 6 wks

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    10.2015 - loss at 12 wks

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  • We did BLW so started at 6 mo adjusted. If we'd done cereal/baby food our pedi was recommending everything be done at adjusted age. You'll find a mix of answers on that one because some pedis think preemies and food should be done at actual age since tummy enzymes begin at birth (no matter when) and others prefer the adjusted curve. We looked for signs of readiness and considered age.
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  • My pediatrician said every baby is different and she thought my son was ready at four months actual (2 months adjusted) so we started at 4 actual and she was right bc he loved it and couldn't get enough!  He did fuss the first couple nights after he had it but was smooth sailing from there.  We gave him between 1-2 teaspoons when we started
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