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Upset with family

I am really upset with my family right now. Instead of talking to me they are just trading stories about what I've talked to them about in confidence and talking about it behind my back with what to do. Whether or not they were trying to help isn't the issue here - I just feel like if they wanted me to get someone else's advice they should have just told me to talk to X instead of talking to them behind my back and rehashing what I told person Y.

I've had a really difficult time with trust lately - my boss told coworkers about the miscarriage without my permission... I didn't think I'd have to expect my family to not be straight forward with me.

I feel like I'm in middle school again and all of my friends are talking ABOUT me instead of TO me.

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Re: Upset with family

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    I'm so sorry about that! I would be really upset too. Especially with your boss - NOT OKAY! Some people just do not use their brains. It's a really sensitive thing and the last thing you want is people talking about your loss behind your back. 
  • I'm sorry you're going through this. It's bad enough that your boss was being so insensitive, but now not being able to trust your family has to be terrible. Sometimes I feel like my family is talking about things behind my back too. Maybe because they don't know what to say to my face. It's not an excuse. It can get really aggravating when you don't really have anyone to rely on.


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  • I'm so sorry that everyone is talking about you behind your back and violating your trust.It's excruciating on top of the grief. 

    I went through similar experiences - with my MIL and Grand MIL AND MH's boss. Two different situations, both leaving me feeling gossiped about like a middle schooler. And SO MAD about it.

    It really sucks to not only experience the isolation of loss but also the isolation as a result of mistrust. If you can find a way to muster the strength to address these trust issues and especially encourage your family to talk to you I'd really encourage you to try. Don't do it for them. Do it for you, and your own healing.

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