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Dd is 6 months old and has been Ebf so far. Lately she has started pulling on my nipple while pushing my boob in the opposite direction and if I move her hand away to stop the pushing she gets mad and unlatches. She also feels she must pinch the other side of my boob with her other hand and again gets mad if I won't let her. I want to keep bf but my boobs hurt dang it! She has started unlatching if there is any other noise or distraction and I'm getting sore.  I pump occasionally so I feel like there is still a good supply based on the amounts I'm pumping. She's been on some solids for about a month and rarely gets a bottle, maybe one a week at most. I've tried giving her a blanket to hold while she nurses but no luck. 

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  • All that pushing and pinching is very natural and normal. They're just stimulating flow. Think about a nursing kitten :)

     Try to keep her head so she doesn't have alot of room to pull back. 


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    Her awareness level probably just moved up so she is easily distracted. Try to nurse in a quiet area. The pinching and pulling lasted about 2 weeks for my son it is normal. I don't really know a solution for this cause nothing worked for me.
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  • Your LO is just working for her food.  :-)  Your body will respond to it.  My LO still does this.  
  • She may prefer a faster flow of breastmilk?  You could try compressing with your hand the breast she is feeding from and see if that makes a difference with her?
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