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I'd like to introduce myself

I haven't posted on the bump for a year, possibly longer. This is my first post on this board and I am so excited to be here! I copied my bio below in case you want to know my background. Looking forward to sharing this new chapter in my life with you!

About me

I'm a 30-something working mom from MT with a beautiful son who will be 3 in October 2012!. My DH and I have been wanting another child pretty much since the day we met our DS. Life had other plans for us. I found a tumor in my abdomen when DS was just 4 months old. When he was 7 mo. I had the tumor removed and learned it was cancer. It's been just over 2 years since my diagnosis and I get regular follow-ups and am proud to say I am cancer-free! My husband and I have worked closely with my general doc, surgeon, high-risk OB, and oncologist and we've been given the go-ahead to start trying! So here I am! I had my IUD (paragard) removed last Friday 5/25/12 and now we're just waiting for my cycle to get on track. With our son, I was on the pill and stopped taking it in November and was pregnant by January. My life was much different then and my body hadn't been through as much as it's been through in the last couple of years. We're optimistic though, it will happen when it's meant to happen and hopefully that's soon!



Re: I'd like to introduce myself

  • So glad you are cancer free!! Welcome & gl!!
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    DX: Hypothyroidism (2004) & Possible PCOS (2/2012)
    CD3 b/w: Elevated LH:FSH ratio HSG: All clear! Y-shaped Uterus; SA: Normal
    Round 1 of Clomid (50mg) 8/28-9/1: BFP!
    BFP #1: 9/23/12 Edd: 6/4/2013. M/C 9/28/12 @ 4w4d
    Round 2 of Clomid (100mg) 10/3-10/7: BFP!
    BFP #2: 11/3/12 Edd: 7/16/2013. mmc discovered at 18w2d (our baby girl stopped developing at 15w3d due to Down's Syndrome). d&e 2/15/13
    3/28/13: "quite a few" uterine polyps and scar tissue discovered.
    Hysteroscopy (4/16/13): Polyps, Scar Tissue removed. Septate confirmed & removed.
    Appt with new RE 5/30/13
    Surprise BFP (with no treatment!) 6/30/13
    Our perfect little boy was born 3/11/14 - 9lbs 2oz, 21 1/4"

  • Welcome and GL! Congrats on beating that cancer!! Such an inspiration. 
    Oct. 2012: Clomid + Ovidrel = Baby A born 07.17.13 at 38 wks! 
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    Welcome back and good luck!!
    Welcomed our baby boy Henry on March 15, 2013 (7 weeks early!)

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  • Great story! So glad you are cancer free :).

    Welcome and GL! 

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  • Welcome!  Glad to hear you are cancer free!  I hope that you are able to get back on track very shortly! 

    I love your siggy picture!

    Began TTC #1 in January 2011
    Confirmation and Removal of Endo - March 2012
    +#1 on 4/1/12 - m/c @ ~8w 5d
    +#2 Tx cycle 4 - 5 mg Letrozole + 75iu Follsitim & Ovidrel w/ IUI on 11/13/12 - EDD 7/23/13 
    7 week u/s revealed THREE babies, all with heartbeats.  153bpm, 148bpm, and 136bpm
    9 week u/s revealed loss of Baby B.  A and C are growing on track.  A measuring 9w1d with 172bpm and C measuring 9w0d with 179 bpm.  
    Elective sex determination u/s on 2/8 revealed... boy AND girl!
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  • I agree with PP, congrats on being cancer free!!!! :) Also, welcome to the board! :) I love your sig pic, very pretty.



  • Welcome and GL!
  • Welcome back and good luck!
  • Welcome and good luck... glad you beat cancer :)
  • Congrats on being cancer free.  Welcome and good luck to you! 

    Together since April 2004.  Married since June 19th, 2010.
     BFP #1: January 31st 2012: CP. 
     BFP #2: June 1st 2012, Due:2/8/13. Avery was born via unplanned c section on 2/13/13. 
     BFP #3: Sept. 25th, 2014. Due: 6/5/15.  MMC on 10/23/14. Confirmed complete molar pregnancy per D&C 10/29/14, 
    HCG officially negative 12/10/14.  Benched until June 2015.

  • Welcome and good luck! Glad you are cancer free!! 
    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • Glad you're cancer free!  Welcome and good luck!
    *BFP #1-10/20/2012 EDD 7/4/2013*
    *DS 6/28/2013*
  • welcome!! so happy ur are cancer free! :)
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  • Welcome and GL!
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    After almost 2 years of TTC and fertility treatments we got a surprise BFP in May 2013
    1/14/14 Baby Boy!! 
    TTC for #2 October 2015

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome!



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    welcome! congrats on being cancer free and GL in your journey to #2!

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  • Welcome and good luck.
    BFP 8/03/12 EDD 4/18/13
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  • What an awesome story! Take that, cancer!

    Welcome to TTGP! 

    BFP #1 - 9/7/12 (my 35th bday!) EDD - 5/15/13 DS born 5/13/13

    BFP #2 - 7/5/14 (total surprise!) EDD - ????

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  • Congratulations on being cancer free! welcome and good luck
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  • Great news about beating cancer!  Your siggy picture is beautiful and your LO is adorable.  Wecome and GL to you!

  • Wow, what a story!  I'm glad you are in good health now & hope you get a new little bambino soon.
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  • Welcome and GL to you!

  • Wow!  Welcome and GL!

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    Finished BC and not preventing since June 2010.
    Actively trying for baby #1 since July 2011.
    SA completed 5/29/2012. No sperm found.
    11/12: Dx: Congenital Bilateral Absense of the Vas Deferens.
    Genetic Testing needed as this is a mutation of Cystic Fibrosis.
    IVF #1 with ICSI planned for 2013.
    PAIF/SAIF welcome!
  • Glad to hear you're cancer free! Welcome and I hope your stay is short.

    **BFP:8/1/12. Due date: 4/7/13!!**

    My BFP Chart

  • Welcome and good luck!  Congrats on being cancer-free!
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  • What a great story, welcome!




  • jle625jle625 member
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    Amazing story! So glad your here! Welcome and GL!
    Me 29 DH 30 TTC Since 6/2010

    BFP#1: 7-5-12 EDD: 3-14-13 Early Loss: 7-13-12

    *SA: Good* *CD3 BW: Good* *HSG: All Clear*

    DX: Unexplained Infertility

    Jan 2013 Clomid 50mg+Trigger+IUI#1=BFN

    Feb 2013 Clomid 50mg+Trigger+IUI#2



  • Amazing story and comeback!  Glad to have you on board!  GL!
    Off BC since January 2012/TTC #1 since April 2012
    October 2013 IUI #1 - 5mg femara + Ovidrel = BFN
    November 2013 IUI #2 - 5mg femara + Gonal-F + Ovidrel + Crinone = 12/16/13 FIRST EVER BFP!!!  DD Blaire Noelle 8/26/14
    Surprise!  2 under 2 is happening!  Due 12/5/15 (updated)

  • Congrats on being cancer free, that's great! Welcome back and good luck.


  • Welcome!

    Congratulations on kicking cancer's ass!

    I wish you the best of luck and a short stay!

    Mary Jane {12} Kaden {10} Eliza {4} Due Sept. '14

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  • Welcome and good luck! 

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