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Coming back from a hit?

My LO is nearly 8 mo and we've been successful BFing so far.  I've always had plenty of milk and while I had a small freezer stash, I brought home enough each day by pumping at work.  Well... that was until last week.  On last monday, my period showed up and my supply instantly dropped.  Then, on Saturday, my husband and I went away for one night to celebrate our anniversary.  I had to send a good chunk of my freezer stash for DD to have while we were away (we were gone about 24 hours).  I only pumped to relieve myself while we were gone, so it wasn't regular at all (maybe every 6 hours).

Now it seems like I'm only bringing home half of what she needs for daycare the next day.  The remainder has been made up by the freezer stash.  Well now, I'm down to one piddly little 5 oz bag.  She will probably need it for daycare tomorrow.  After that ... I guess I will need to make up the remainder with formula.

My question is: how do you come back from a hit to an established supply?  Is it the same as establishing one in the first place (pump or nurse every 3 hours, drink plenty of fluids, etc?) Or are things bound to go down from here?  BTW, we still nurse in the mornings and all through the night.  I'd been trying to get her down to 1 night feeding but she's teething and seems to be staging a revolt. So for the past 2 nights last night she's nursed nearly every 2 hours from 6pm to 5 am (yes, I'm exhausted).

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Re: Coming back from a hit?

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    If I were you, I would extend the time you pump at each session, and add a session.  It may take a few days to a week or two to see the increase. 

    Extending the time of each session may trigger a second letdown, which will give you a little more milk.  Adding a session will obviously get you more milk.

    And there is no shame in supplementing if you need to!  Some BM is better than none at all!

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  • Thanks for responding.  I'll try that.  I know there's no shame in supplementing.  I'm just feeling really emotional about it.  She's not really taking to food yet and she just loves her milk :)  They were just telling me in daycare how excited she gets when she sees her bottle.


    At least the weekend is here- I'll keep trying. Thanks again.

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