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D&C... what to expect...

Please fill me in on it from the time you enter the hospital. Are you awake the whole time, do you feel anything, how does it all work?

I've had 4 natural miscarriages and know what to expect with those, but since this looks to be my 5th miscarriage, my doctor wants to do chromosomal testing on the embryo after the D&C.

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Re: D&C... what to expect...

  • Since no one has answered yet, I'll bite since it is fresh in my memory.... It was just done yesterday. Honestly it was wayyyyyyy better than my natural miscarriage, I wish I could have done it this way the first time.

    We had to be at the hospital 1.5 hours early. I was taken back to pre-op and my husband was taken to the waiting room until my medical history was completed I was changed and my IV started (they even numbed my hand before starting my IV) All was very very very painless, the nurse was very kind. He was brought back to sit with me while everything else went on.

    Then the anesthesiologist came and talked with me about my medical/surgical history and any problems with anesthesia. I told him I was concerned about nausea and vomiting post-op so he told me he would go with a "moderate sedation where you will breathe on your own" and if needed then they would go for a general anesthesia. The nurse anesthetist came next and review what he had said. I was more concerned about waking in the middle and told her I preferred the general sedation route, just put me under and tube me please..... they were more than happy to comply.

    The OB resident and medical student came next, doing consents for surgery and answering any last minute questions. Then my OB came in to answer any last minute questions. I got a little teary eyed and began to cry at some point, so the nurse came and gave me some Versed (the amnesia drug) to calm me down before wheeling me back.

    I was taken back to the OR, I transferred myself to the OR table. The nurse anesthetist gave me some oxygen while the anesthesiologist injected my arm with some med that burned but I was out within seconds.

    I woke up in recovery feeling great! I had maybe a few drops of blood, a pantyliner would do. Some minimal cramping. I took 1 percocet before I left to ward off any evil spirits on the way home.

    I came home and rested the day away...... Now I am just dealing with the emotional part of it all...... Good luck to you...... I will send you good thoughts.

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  • Thank you so much for your response! I have had 4 natural miscarriages and the trips to the restroom during the process are heart breaking each time. We are going to do testing on the embryo so I have to go the D&C route.


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  • My experience was a bit of a whirlwind b/c I started bleeding on my own and my OB acted quickly to avoid me turning into an emergency case.  I filled out all the pre-op paperwork at the OB's office and only had enough time to run home and change (luckily I live about 2 miles from the hospital). 

    I got to the Same Day Services area at 4 and checked in.  They called me back and a nurse checked my medical history and talked to me about the procedure.  I changed from my clothes into a gown.  She hooked up my heart monitor and put in my IV.  Then my dad and DH were able to come back and talk to me.  The aneth. nurse came and discussed my options of general anethesia or sedation.  I decided to go with sedation since it was a quick procedure.  I had to sign paperwork for that.  The doctor can and reviewed that info with me.  My OB arrived at 6 and asked if I had any questions before we went in and briefly talked to me (she is wonderful... just wonderful).  She asked DH if he had any questions.  Then I got to kiss DH and they wheeled me into the OR. 

    I remember being wheeled into the OR.  When I got there, I had to move to another bed or table (can't remember which).  I remember moving, laying back down, and then I was out.  I woke up in recovery around 7:45.  I was in a lot of pain around my hips and in my upper legs.  I asked the nurse if I could stretch and that made it better.  She gave me pain meds and some ginger ale.  I rested for about 15 more minutes and then she had me stand up to get dressed.  Sorry if this is TMI, but I want to prepare you just in case.  When I stood up, blood started running down my legs and onto the floor.  She said it was completely normal and helped me clean up.  I just wasn't prepared for that and freaked out a little.  After I got dressed, she wheeled me to the bathroom.  I bled very heavily when I went the first time.  (Side note- I also had to have a catheder... I didn't feel it at all and have no clue when they put it in, but if you have one too it will burn when you pee the first few times.)  She had me switch pads b/c I bled so much at first.  Then she wheeled me out to DH and then to the car.

    I didn't have any problems with side effects and honestly didn't have much pain after I left.  My bleeding slowed and bled fairly lightly for just over 1 week.  I was very groggy the next day.

    I hope this helps and that your procedure goes well!

  • I would pretty much echo what the PP said.  I entered the hospital through the ER and I had passed out from a hemorrage at home and was taken to surgery from there.  

    In pre-op it's a lot of question from anesthesia and signing a few consent forms. There is a consent form for the disposal of the fetal tissue - so be prepared for that, it's a hard one to fill out.  

    As soon as I got into the operating room they confirmed what I was there for, once again hard to answer, and then I was sedated through IV.  I don't remember anything after that until I was waking up in recovery.  The actually procedure is pretty quick.  I was in the hospital for a couple of hours after that - maybe longer than most people because I had lost so much blood prior to the procedure.  I needed to get a few liters of fluid and be able to walk without being faint.

    My procedure took place about 10:30pm at night and I went home at about 2:30am.  I stayed home from work that day and the next, however I probably could have gone back the second day.  I only bled/spotted lightly for about 5 days and didn't have any cramping or adverse reactions to anything.

    I hope this helps a little and your procedure goes smoothly! 

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