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Frequent spitting up & related?

Hi Ladies, 

I am breastfeeding our DD. She does great latching and taking in a great feed however after feeds she tends to spit up and have the hiccups pretty often. I am wondering if something in my diet is the trigger?

Any suggestions?

After feeds we do have her rest upright for 30 minutes. The pedi did check her and she does not have reflux. I want to make sure she is comfortable which she seems to be however I feel terrible when she spits up and has the hiccups.  

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Re: Frequent spitting up & related?

  • My LO does the same and the pedi said he is just a happy spitter, 
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    My LO does the same and the pedi said he is just a happy spitter, 

    Same here. Both have gotten better over time, but we still have enough going on that I have to bring an extra change of clothes with me wherever I go... he's happy so I try not to let it get to me too much.  

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  • Not a garunteed cause, but my LO had these symptoms and after I cut out dairy the symptoms went away.  My pedi was convinced LO didn't have a dairy sensitivity.  I got frustrated by the time he was 3 months old and decided to just try 2 weeks dairy free and see if it helped.  I saw marked improvement within 3-4 days of eatting absolutely no dairy.  Spitting up decreased dramatically and hiccups stopped.

     We also treated my LO for refulx, but the dairy sensitivity seemed to make the biggest impact.

    May be worth it to try dairy free for 2 weeks and see.  You do have to give it the two weeks because it takes time for the milk protein to get out of your system and baby's

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  • eav2ceav2c
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    Spitting up and hiccups are normal. My guy sputs up every meal but us considered a happy spitter. His hiccups have calmed down quite a bit but he still almost always gets them at least once a day. Does your LO get fussy or upset when spitting up?
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