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Hello! Newbie in TTC month 2

Hello everyone, my name is Amber.  I have been lurking a tad, so I thought I would introduce myself and maybe make a few friends who maybe have been in the same boat...  My story is long and confusing and I am sure most people will think WTF when they read it.

My hubby, James, and I were married 3.5 yrs ago.  Although while we were dating, children were going to be a no for us, after we got married, I caught the bug.  Thought about it, begged to have one.  Never did, always stayed on BC.  Well, hubby and I broke up in October.  Tried for a few weeks in Nov, but it didn't work.  We got a divorce that was final in Feb, he had a lot of health problems, was in ICU for a week, then some rehab... All to find out that his body doesn't create testosterone like it should.  His T was about the level of a females.  We started hanging out as friends, and going dancing as we love to do, and one thing led to another, and we are back together.  In fact, looks like something didn't go right in the divorce, so we may not even have to get remarried!  He gives himself T shots every 13 days, and takes other daily meds, and the "marriage" is better than ever.  Not only do i notice a dif in him, everyone does.  He is great!

 We decided a month and half ago to try for a baby.  It started out, oops, I forgot my pills at my apartment and having a little scare.  But when it came time for me to get back on them, we decided against it.  He wants to just see where it goes over the next six months.  I, though, have been charting and stuff.  Because of his new higher T we do it almost every day, if not twice.  So, I don't worry about trying to get him down for it.

Because of his past health problems, leading him to be on life support for a week, we are going to give it six months of so, and then have his little guys checked to make sure nothing when wrong there.  I try not to get my hopes up each time its ready to see AF, cause i know that we may not be able to do it on our own.  But this time, something is def dif with my body!  Just a few more days and I can test!  I think he is more excited than I am.

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  • Lots of luck to you.  I am glad that you have a strong relationship again. 

    Are you charting using Fertility Friend?  If not, you should check it out.  It is a very helpful tool!

    Began TTC #1 in January 2011
    Confirmation and Removal of Endo - March 2012
    +#1 on 4/1/12 - m/c @ ~8w 5d
    +#2 Tx cycle 4 - 5 mg Letrozole + 75iu Follsitim & Ovidrel w/ IUI on 11/13/12 - EDD 7/23/13 
    7 week u/s revealed THREE babies, all with heartbeats.  153bpm, 148bpm, and 136bpm
    9 week u/s revealed loss of Baby B.  A and C are growing on track.  A measuring 9w1d with 172bpm and C measuring 9w0d with 179 bpm.  
    Elective sex determination u/s on 2/8 revealed... boy AND girl!
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  • Welcome and GL! Check out the newbie link if you have not already. This is a great group of ladies!


    BFP #1- 10/21/2011, EDD- 07/02/2012, m/c- 10/27/2011 @ 4w3d
    BFP #2- 12/23/2011, EDD- 09/04/2012, m/c- 01/02/[email protected]
    BFP #3- 8/29/2012, EDD-05/12/2012
    BETA #1-16 (8/30/12) BETA #2-486 (9/6/12)
    9/27- First u/s, baby measuring 2 weeks behind with a heart rate half of what it should be. u/s # 2- 10/8/12- No heartbeat, baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. Heartbroken.
    BFP #4- 12/30/2012, EDD- 09/11/2013
    BETA #1-21 (12/31/12) BETA #2- 105 (1/03/13) BETA #3- 1,389 (1/08/13)
    1st ultrasound-baby measuring 5w4d, heartbeat 107!
    2nd ultrasound- baby measuring right on track, heartbeat 180!


  • Welcome and GL!
    BFP #1 - 9/7/12 (my 35th bday!) EDD - 5/15/13 DS born 5/13/13

    BFP #2 - 7/5/14 (total surprise!) EDD - ????

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  • amiet79amiet79 member
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    Wow sounds like you two have been through a lot. Welcome and best of luck to you! 
  • jle625jle625 member
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    Wow! Glad everything had worked out for you! Welcome and  GL!
    Me 29 DH 30 TTC Since 6/2010

    BFP#1: 7-5-12 EDD: 3-14-13 Early Loss: 7-13-12

    *SA: Good* *CD3 BW: Good* *HSG: All Clear*

    DX: Unexplained Infertility

    Jan 2013 Clomid 50mg+Trigger+IUI#1=BFN

    Feb 2013 Clomid 50mg+Trigger+IUI#2



  • Welcome! Make sure you check out the Newbie Link if you haven't already.

    I am a newbie myself (just started my 4th cycle) and I highly recommend Fertility Friend for charting and making sure you know what's going on with your body during the month. 

    Also, a lot of ladies here recommend the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I just picked it up at the library last night myself, and am looking forward to learning a few more things!

    There are lots of lovely and helpful ladies here that will give you helpful advice and support.


    Jennifer (29) & Don (33) Married 11-11-11

    2 cats (Tinker & Skitz) and lots of reptiles! ~Hyperprolactinemia due to pituitary microadenoma~

    Expecting our first - Due March 3, 2012! BabyFruit Ticker

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    Welcome and good luck! Glad things are working out, and glad that someone was smart enough to check his Testosterone level!
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    The name is Angel. I'm 27 years old & DH is 28. We have been together for 12 years, married on May 21, 2011. We are TTC #1! I was diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy in August 2010. Off of BC since March 2012. I am a 2nd year OB/GYN Resident physician. I love getting to be involved in precious miracles first moments of life, and I can't wait until the day we are blessed to have our own miracle!
  • Hi there! Welcome! And I wish you Good Luck!

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     Me: 34 Dh: 41, Married: Oct 15th 2011

    Me: Deteriorating Ovarian Reserve, Hostile Uterus

    Dh: Slow but Healthy Swimmers

    Round 1 Clomid 100mg 7/12/2013

    BFP 8/2/2013 EDD 4/14/2014

    Charlotte Born on 4/23/3014


    Lilypie - (JIIT)

  • Wow!  Glad to hear everything turned out for you guys.  Welcome and good luck to you!
    Together since April 2004.  Married since June 19th, 2010.
     BFP #1: January 31st 2012: CP. 
     BFP #2: June 1st 2012, Due:2/8/13. Avery was born via unplanned c section on 2/13/13. 
     BFP #3: Sept. 25th, 2014. Due: 6/5/15.  MMC on 10/23/14. Confirmed complete molar pregnancy per D&C 10/29/14, 
    HCG officially negative 12/10/14.  Benched until June 2015.

  • cls78cls78 member
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    Welcome and GL! 
    TTC since May/June 2012 
    Sept 2013 testing:
    SA #1 Low motility (17%) 
    SA #2 Lower sperm count, but much higher motility
    CD 3 Bloodwork and ultrasound - Normal HSG - Clear tubes 
    Oct/Nov 2013 Cycle 1 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN  
    Nov/Dec 2013 Cycle 2 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN 
    Jan/Feb 2014 Cycle 3 with RE 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI BFN 
    2/20/14 Follow up consult RE recommends IVF with ICSI 
    3/10/14 New patient consult with RMA NJ 
    3/11/14 AMH and other Bloodwork to prep for IVF with ICSI at RMA NJ
    3/28/14 Saline Sonogram - All good
    March/April 2014 IVF #1 Antagonist Protocol
    4/16/14 ER 26 Retrieved!!!
    4/17/14 Fert Report 22 Mature 21 Fertilized w/ ICSI
    4/22/14 Report #2 15 BLASTS
    5/24/14 FET!!!  (Transferring 2 snowflakes)
    6/2/14 Beta #1 575!!! :)
    6/4/14 Beta #2 2060!!! :)
    6/11/14 1st Ultrasound...Saw 2 Gestational Sacs!!  Beta #3 34,312!!! 
    6/18/14 2nd Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 112bpm Baby B 117bmp <3 Beta #4 172,080!!!
    6/25/14 3rd Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 150bpm Baby B 158bpm <3 Beta #5 232,134!!! 
    7/3/14 4th Ultrasound...Heartbeats!! Baby A 173bpm Baby B 162bpm <3 Beta #6 269,228!!!
    Graduated from RMA!!  First appt with OB 7/8/14

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  • welcome and gl! :)
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          BFP #1: 7/18/12, M/C 8/6/12 @6weeks ; Missing our April Angel
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  • Welcome and GL! Glad you were able to work things out again! 
    Oct. 2012: Clomid + Ovidrel = Baby A born 07.17.13 at 38 wks! 
    TTC #2 since Jan. 2014
    BFP#1 02/26/14 CP 02/28/14
    BFP#2 03/23/14 Stick Baby Stick!
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  • Welcome and GL!
  • Very cool story! Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome and good luck to you.
    BFP 8/03/12 EDD 4/18/13
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  • Welcome! Best of luck!

    Me(25) DH(28) 
     TTC#1 since 10/2011
    June:  Clomid 50 mg  (No Ovulation)
    July: Clomid 100 mg + Ovidrel Trigger (BFN)
    August: Clomid 150 mg + Ovidrel Trigger (BFN) 
    September: Clomid 150 mg + Ovidrel Trigger (BFN)
    October: Clomid 150 mg + Ovidrel Trigger (BFN)
    November: Femara 10mg + Ovidrel Trigger (BFP December 3, 2014)

  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome, I hope things work out for you and your stay is short! :)




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