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It got real today

Not sure why but it just hit me today.  I have 9 1/2 WEEKS until this baby is here.  I scheduled my rcs for August 7.  9 1/2 WEEKS AWAY.  I have to start doing something to get ready for this baby!!!!  Crap, I have nothing!  We aren't having a nursery, E will be with us in our room for a while until he's ready to go in with one of the other kids.  But I need a co-sleeper.  I need a car seat.  I'm going to go to Target now to get a Rock N Play.  It's seemed like so far away until today. 

In other news, found out last night my little sister is pregnant!!!!  This will be the first of my sisters to have a baby and I am so excited!  She lives less than a mile away, I've dreamed of my kids having cousins nearby since I was pregnant with my 6 yo!



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Re: It got real today

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    Congrats on getting a date set, and congrats on being an auntie-to-be :)

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  • Congrats Auntie!  And have fun shopping!! :D 
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  • Exciting news all around!! I have a feeling this "reality" is sinking in with just about everyone right about now.  More and more posts are the moms to be acknowledging this....I am one of them.Indifferent
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  • YEAAA, ISH deff just got real! I really need to order the bedroom set! our shower isnt for 8 more weeks (3 weeks before Im DUE!) so im anxious to start buying things but i feel like i should also wait... getting excited and anxious!

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    My rcs is scheduled for the same day as yours and if our shower were not this weekend I think I would be panicking too.  Unfortuantely although I will soon have all the baby stuff I need our house is still about a month from bewing ready.  If I go early I could be in it a week before I have the babies.  Talk about scary!

    Also congrats to your little sister.  I have a cousin who is about 4 months now and we teach right next to each other at our high school.  I'm pretty excited to have a partner in crime so close by :) 

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  • Had my 30 week apt today, she is head down...etc... was definitely a wake up call! My shower isnt until 4 weeks before my EDD and I am starting to freak out!!! Less than 10 weeks to go....scary


  • Yay for another baby!
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  • Congrats! I'm in the same boat as you - don't worry. There's a lot of stuff we want for our babies, but in the end, they don't need much - just their mommies. :)
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  • Congratulations!   My cousin is more like my sister she is six months younger than me and aside from moving away for work after college we never were more than a few miles apart.   So exciting!
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