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worried about losing supply

I go back to work in August when LO will be 4 months old. Luckily, we only have 2 months until we can start introducing solids, but I am incredibly worried about losing my supply. As a high school teacher, I'll only have 2 times in a 7-8 hour period where I'll be able to pump.

1. What is the best way to start stockpiling milk in the freezer?

2. How can I prevent my supply from going down once I return to work?



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Re: worried about losing supply

  • 1) You can pump after each feeding and freeze what you get. First thing in the morning will probably get you the most milk. You could try to squeeze in a pumping session during the day to get some milk for your stash as well.

    2) This is probably the hardest thing since there really isn't one answer that works for everyone. Certainly being sure to pump during your breaks and making sure you get everything (by doing compressions) will help. I would think being sure to nurse on demand on weekends could help, or pumping after each feeding. 

    Hopefully some others with similar schedules chime in. I went back to work when my son was three months old. I didn't have a set schedule, so I could pump, but I had to be fast about because I worked in a male dominated office and they weren't the most understanding. My supply was good for 6 months and then I struggled to get the milk for three bottles for the last three months. Good luck!

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