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Too soon for a massage?

I'm 4 weeks postpartum and still have lower back pain from last month of pregnancy ... also developing carpal tunnel and shoulder pain from lifting and holding LO. I really want to schedule a massage, but not sure if it's okay at this stage. Any reason why I shouldn't?

Re: Too soon for a massage?

  • mtbmamamtbmama
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    I can't see any reason.  I say go for it!


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  • cltk12cltk12
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    I was totally wondering this last night.  I'm 3 weeks pp.  I had a c-section and it's still a bit sore to lay on my stomach so I was going to call to see if I could get a mini back massage on my side or sitting up.

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  • I went 1w pp and it was great. I'm bf and laying on my chest was sore but it was worth it
  • I was told by my massage girl (I was going a lot towards the end of pregnancy) that I should wait at least 2 weeks if vaginal delivery and probably 4 weeks if c-section - she said she could do it at 4 wks with c-section if I would lay on my side.

    I'm 3 wks pp and am going this weekend.  I say go for it!! 

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