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To move up an ounce or not...

Not sure if I should move DS up to 5oz/feeding or not. I'm an EP'er, with the exception of the first & last bottle of the day are formula. DS is 12 weeks & I currently make him 5oz for the AM & PM feeding & he doesn't always eat it, but mostly. Lately I've noticed after a few daytime feedings (BM) he will scre bloody murder. If I make an extra ounce, he eats it. But he doesn't scre after all feedings. Should I just bump him up?

Re: To move up an ounce or not...

  • How many bottles does he get a day; how long between bottles? 
  • Does he slow down at the end of his bottles or will he suck air if you let him?  I've found that DD is ready for more if she's still sucking after the bottle's empty.  Otherwise, she'll actually leave a nipplefull or so.
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  • Our doctor told us 2 oz. per pound... So, if you have an 10 lb baby they should be taking at least 20oz. a day. Naturally, they can eat more but that is just a rule of thumb to go by.

  • He gets 5 bottles/day every 3-4 hours. If he wakes in the night he gets nursed, so 6 feedings that day.
  • Definitely keeps sucking after the bottle is empty. Good tip - thank you!
  • Our DS is generally eating 3 oz bottles but is in the same spot as your LO. Sometimes he wants more and we end up mixing up another 1 oz bottle. If he wants more after the 1 oz than we mix up another 1 oz. It's a bit extra work but it saves us on wasted formula.

    Good Luck! Smile


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