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Really painful nipples?

I am tlking toe curling pain when he first latches on.  The latch is actually fine but my suppply is low so he has to work hard to get anything.  I've used lanolin and another popular organic cream/salve thingie, but with feeds every couple hours, theres not enough ime or hings to heal.  Any advice?
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Re: Really painful nipples?

  • How old is LO?  I also had (literally) toe curling pain at first.  It was awful, and I considered giving up.  I was even more frustrated when the LC told me I was not in pain, but rather "experiencing discomfort."  I was like, "Listen lady, I know what discomfort is and I know what pain is, and this is pain.  Discomfort is standing on a crowded train that's been stopped on the tracks for no reason.  Pain is getting run over by the train."  My experience was much more like getting run over by the train.

    Good news: it was gone by 2 weeks for me.  If the pain subsides after he latches, then my understanding is that it is your nipples getting used to being stretched to eat.  I'm not sure that there's any cure besides exposure, which will allow your nipples to toughen up.  Definitely keep up with the Lanolin and air dry after feeding to avoid scarring, which will only make the initial latch-on feel worse.   

    Good luck! 

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  • I'm having this problem too, though the pain doesn't go away (it lessens some, but still hurts throughout the feed & if my nipples touch anything). I went to see a LC yesterday. She said DD has a good latch & I have good technique getting her on. I have no nipple damage either, but she suspects I have small cracks we couldn't see, and she prescribed me All Purpose Nipple Ointment. I hope it works, I really dread nursing now because of the pain! Get yourself to a LC & see if they can help!
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  • I had the same thing for almost a month and I would be wincing through every feeding. It's totally normal... but that doesn't make it hurt less. Use lanolin on your nipples after every.single.feeding, admittedly I would sometimes use just a tiny bit right before a feeding too. Also let them air out frequently and don't let them rub on your shirts. If it get's really bad or there is damage to the nipple you can use a silicone nipple shield but use those sparingly as they have the potential to diminish your supply. 

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  • Looks like your baby is at least 2 weeks according to your ticker.. I only nursed 3 weeks before EPing and sometimes tears would roll down my face the first couple of weeks.. That 3rd week didn't seem to be as bad. Your body has to adjust to that..
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