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AF returning and supply dip

LO started sleeping through the night in April and like clock work i got my first period beginning of May.  I noticed a pretty significant supply dip about 3 days before AF started and then it slowly picked back up.

I read in my Ina May BF book that its common for your period to cause your supply to dip.  My question is will it dip each time a cycle or just the first time.

I generally can pump exactly enough at work for what my son drinks at daycare and when my supply dipped in April I had to dig into the stash.  So scary when you can't make enough!  I am so committed to nursing and will be devastated if I have to go to supplementing with formula.  I don't have a huge freezer stash and LO is only 7 months old so I don't know how long i'll be able to dip into it for supplements.

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Re: AF returning and supply dip

  • My supply dipped each time and I had to use a few extra frozen bags to send to dc.
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  • I've had 3 PP periods, and my supply dips each time. My output is about halved, I'll go from 5ish oz to somewhere in the ballpark of 2-3.

    My suggestion would be to add a pump session a day at least during that week. If you won't have enough of a stash to make it through, I'd suggest pumping every day regardless, to build your stash.

    I'm sorry. It sucks, and it's scary, but there's not a lot you can do. At least you know it's coming.


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  • Mine dips every cycle. I just drink a lot of Organic Mother's Milk Tea. I will usually be really full about an hour after I drink it :).. You can buy it on Amazon.
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  • Thanks for the advice ladies.  Really helps to know supply will dip each cycle.  I can probably find one or two extra pumping sessions the week before and the week of.


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