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Can I start charting mid cycle... I'm five days past natural MC so CD6?


So it sounds like its fairly typical for cycles to be different after mc.  I've always been very regular.  I've never *really* charted but have always kept track of my periods and monitored my cervical fluid.  DH and I had used this "modified" method of tracking to avoid pg for about 9 months up until April.  (we were not really TTC or TTC when I got pg.... we were sort of easing into TTC and it happened right away). 

Anyway, now that I know I might be "off", I'd like to start taking my temp too.   I had a natural MC on Saturday so was that CD1?  I'm still spotting... VERY lightly.  HCG down to 0.  So am I on CD6? And if so, can I start taking my temp tomorrow or do I have to wait? 

thanks for any input!  

Re: Can I start charting mid cycle... I'm five days past natural MC so CD6?

  • You can count the first day of you red bleeding from your MC as cd1. You shouldn't have a problem if you start temping at cd 6. I just looked at my chart from after my MC and didn't start temping til cd 7, and I was fine.

    Also, I was worried that my cycles would be off after the MC, but I O'd on cd 23 just like normal after my partial D&C.

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  • Some sites I read said to count as CD1 the day your hcg is back to 0. Other sites (and many women here) said to count the first day of major bleeding (or the D&C) as CD1. I counted the first day of major bleeding as CD1. According to that, my hcg wasn't back down to 0 until about CD25. I got AF on what would have been CD29.

    In other words, for me counting the first day of my m/c as CD1 was the right way to go. I don't think I O'd (although FF gave me dotted CHs), but I did this cycle. If you'd like to see the chart that started on my m/c, you can click on the link in my siggy - it's the 2nd chart (my m/c was on April 16th).

    And you can start temping at any time in your cycle. If you start after you O, though, then you won't see an O temp shift before you get AF, obviously. Still, you might get a temp drop before AF, which would also be helpful.

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