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Breastmilk stash

I have a huge freezer stash of breast milk.  How long is frozen breastmilk good for? 

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  • kel716kel716 member

    Is it a freezer attached to a fridge or a deep freezer?  Here's some guidelines depending on what type of freezer you have.

    FWIW, the part about "ideal" did not matter with DS.  As long as it was within the limits, he was fine.  For DD, "ideal" is necessary for us.  If she drinks milk that is older than the "ideal" time frame, she spits it back up. 

  • eav2ceav2c member
    I have been told 3 months but longer if it's in a deep freezer. A couple different books I have vary slightly on the timing but 3 months is my personal preference. 
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  • Mine is in a deep freezer, going back to 2/2/12, and I am trying to rotate that out b/c I want her to have fresher milk.  I have read that in a deep freezer, it's good for 6-12 months but that is a huge range!
  • I have it all in a deep freezer too and have read that it is good for up to a year! I have so much there(3 giant gift bags full).  I want to continue pumping so that she gets fresh milk, but I do not want to waste the frozen milk.  I am not sure on what to do! 
  • jllmb79jllmb79 member
    mine is in a deep freezer...I just started using it and my oldest used last week 8/28 was fine. I used fresh until my LO turned 1. Then I started to cut out pumping at work and I am now using my frozen.  I probably have about 2000oz frozen
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