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new to this.. where do I start?

Hi everyone! Im a frequest poster on multiples and I recently started researching BF but I dont really know where to start.

First, is a hospital grade pump necessary? I noticed the medella is $1,500! Can anyone recommend a good one? Are there different types?

Second, is there any literature you can recommend for me to start researching in the right place?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Re: new to this.. where do I start?

  • First word of advice: when the baby gets here, it can be really overwhelming, but if you commit to breastfeeding you will be greatly rewarded!

    I did very little research beforehand. I found it confusing and hard, but is a great resource! Some things might not make sense now, but they will later. And use this board for lots of questions!

    I have the Medela Pump-in-Style. It's the $250 one and works fine. I don't pump much because I'm a SAHM, and never found the need to, but when I did I liked it.

    Congratulations on your babies!

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  • You can always rent hospital grade. No need to buy one. Then get yourself a regular commercial double pump! 
  • is great! As for a pump, unless you're exclusively pumping I don't think a hospital grade pump is necessary. I have an Avent double electric and it works great, I haven't used it in months though. Landon likes it straight from the tap! lol!
  • Personally, I had a single hand pump for my first child. Worked great. I used the Medella brand that I got from Walmart for like.. 35 bucks. Could be done pumping in around 15 to 20 mins. 

    Your baby should latch on just fine at the hospital, and the nurses there should be happy to help. I know all of mine were very nice when I told them I was nervous about breastfeeding.  

  • Especially with twins, I wouldn't think about a pump yet.  Cross that bridge when you get there because there are a bunch of different factors.  If they're early and you need to pump, you'll probably get one from the hospital.  I can't imagine pumping for 2 brand new babies.  The time it takes to pump, feed and clean bottles will leave no time for sleep!  Some BF moms never pump at all, and many don't pump for the first few weeks while their supply is regulating.  
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