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Another week of bloodwork

I just got the call from the nurse at my OB office and my HCG is 7. I was praying for 0, last week was 43. They want me to go back next week again, because it has to be under 5. I just want to cry, I am going on almost a month and am still dealing with all of this. I just want it to be over so I can move on emotionally and physically. We won't be TTC for at least 6 months so that's not a concern, I just want to start the healing process and I can't with this hanging over me!

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  • I'm so sorry :(  Beta he!! is the worst.  Hoping you get your big goose egg this time around and can start moving forward!!


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  • im so sorry for that- it is SO frustrating. im only 3 weeks out, i feel your pain. i want the physical part of this ordeal over... and i want to STOP going to the OB office and sit around in the waiting room with the pregnant ladies.  My counts were 19000, then 1000, then 252... and now they want to make me wait another 2 weeks for me to  come in to get another count. 
    I also want to be done with this OB office. I called yesterday for my lab results, and the nurse on the phone said, 'Congrats! How many weeks along are you?' and i just said 'None'. It was awkward and i was rude, but this is about the 5th time the nurses haven't looked at my chart to see  that i miscarried. 

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  • I'm sorry. :( I know it's hard, but you're almost done with it - you only have a few more (and hopefully only one more!) to deal with. You can do it!
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  • i have heard from some of the others that they POAS to see if they are below 5. I think i am going to try this out, so i dont have to wait on the phone call from a DR. 

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    I am so sorry you are going throught this.  If it makes you feel better I am 62 days out from the start of my mc and my levels are still at 338 (with weeky draws).  I know it seems like forever but you are really close and  I am confident next time you go in it will be below 5 and you will be done.  I know what you mean about the healing process too.  I am sorry for your loss and keeping my FX for you levels to be below 5 next week!

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    Ugh :o( I am so sorry to hear that you're going through's hoping that you are below five (or whatever your dr requires to stop bloodwork). It took me three weeks to go below five...and I miscarried naturally. The last week of waiting for the (hopeful) last draw can seem like an eternity and it seems, the lower your numbers go, the slower they drop! You're almost there!!! A big "below five" or ZERO to you!!! :o)
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