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unusual tenderness

This morning I woke up with my left breast feeling more tender than usual. My DD nursed & I expected that to take care of it (she STTN so I am in dire need of that by morning).  This helped, but it is still tender. It is just one spot. I have heard of infections and things so now I am worried. I don't feel bad and it is not red.  Just a spot of tenderness. Anything I can do to treat this at home or maybe it will go away on it's own?

Re: unusual tenderness

  • Sometimes my breasts just have days where they're a little sore... and sometimes I get a clogged duct where one side of my breast is a little lumpy and sore to the touch. If so, use a hot compress and simultaneously massage the area or pump the affected breast. Also, if you have a shower head that has a hard spray use hot water and let it hit that area while in the shower. Nursing in different positions or nursing in a dangle position (baby laying on back, mommy hovering on all fours) helps too. Hope that helps.
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