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Wow, what is going on? NTTGPR

I can't believe we have a "Criminal Minds" case going on in Canada. It's just crazy! I can't link from my iPad, but just google Luka Magnotta. What on earth is going on? 


Re: Wow, what is going on? NTTGPR

  • ya, saw this on the news this morning... sooo creepy!
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  • Yes, it's creepy and terrible. But they have a suspect who is on interpol's list. I feel for the family of the slain person. 
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  • Ugh. It's all a big mess, and I can't believe Karla Homolka is connected to this creep. I feel bad for the victim's family and hope they catch him before there are any more. I also feel bad for the victims of Karla Holmolka because she just keeps popping up and they can't catch a break and move on without having her name brought up over and over again.
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    Wow. This is definitely disturbing.
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    It's awful. It sounded so unreal when I heard about it yesterday.
  • Wow, very creepy.
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    The crazies are coming out.

    There have been tons of shootings in Seattle the past week. And that guy high on PCP eating that guys face in Miami.

    Makes me want to stay inside! 

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