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Pumping ?

My daughter is @ 3 weeks old and I started to pump this week so I can get a freezer stash (I am returning to work in mid August) and leave an occasional bottle for DH to give her while I am out.  This morning I pumped after both feedings....getting barely anything from each side after her 1st feeding and a drop from my left and an ounce from my right after the 2nd feeding.  Is this normal?  How do you schedule your pumping sessions?

Re: Pumping ?

  • My LC said that a supply can be higher mostly in the morning, and thats been true for me. At first i was pumping in the afternoon, but i tend to pump in the morning after she feeds. My baby is 6 weeks old, and i started at 3 weeks. The supply was slow at first when i pumped, but your body eventually gets used to it. If you want to pump 2x, and are most comfortable with your timing right now, i would give it sometime because its all about supply and demand:) hope this helps:)


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