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Started back at the gym and OMG!

My usual work out of 30 min on the elliptical and some strength training with the 8kg kettle bell may be a little much.  I can barely move!  Not to mention my abs are no longer there.  I thought maybe I would still be able to use them and get sore from sit ups but no.  I can barely do an actual sit up.  I didn't have a c-section either.  Guess I just need to slow my roll and lower my expectations a little. Muscle memory my ass!!
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Re: Started back at the gym and OMG!

  • Lurking* i cant wait for this day for me. If you domt mind my asking how many weeks pp are you? Ive been off weights since 3months and very light cardio :(. Tips for the situps try doing some of the front leg raises it targets your lower abs anyway and arm assisted situps. That way your abs are doing atleast half the work and that muscle will be remembering in no time :)
  • I don't have a gym membership and used the fitness center at my work.  Because of that, I didn't do anything with weights for two months; I feel your pain.  My leg presses are down 40 pounds!
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  • I cannot wait to workout again. I'm afraid I will be grossly disappointed with my lack of ability at first

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  • I know, right?  I used to be able to do the Pilates hundred excersize easily.  Now I do a modified 20 at a time!
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    I worked out w/ a trainer right up til my due date and I'm right there with  ya. My legs are like jello. I can hardly get up from a squatting position- and I haven't even started working out yet. I will probably start next week since my 6wk PP appt is Monday...I'm hoping my body bounces back fast and doesn't just bounce lol
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  • I know how you feel! I had to stop working out about 2 months into my pregnancy because of hip pain. So it's been almost a year... and I definitely went too hard on the leg workout two days ago... I still can't walk today without looking like I'm limping lol. And standing up and sitting down with the baby is just torture! I'll go easier next time
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