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Linea Nigra....

It has been 2 weeks now since the baby and I still have the linea skin is medium to fair and the line is so dark! My friend who is 8 weeks post pregnancy still has her line too. Does it ever go away or does it just start to fade a little?

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Re: Linea Nigra....

  • I'm 11 weeks post baby and I just noticed recently mine was gone and i am very fair skinned!
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  • eav2ceav2c member
    Mine has slightly faded. I hear it can take quite a long time to go away (I saw some moms post on here that it took 6 months). It will go away with due time and a little paitence.
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  • Im 10 weeks PP and mine has just started to lighten.  Im super fair skinned, so mine looked super dark!  Doc said it could take up to 6 months, but usually doesnt.
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  • Ok I can deal with that ha wasn't sure if it was something that kind of always hung around afterwards thanks!

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  • srbmvpsrbmvp member
    It WILL fade eventually, though I forget how long it takes.... I actually got to a point where I could kind of scratch the dead skin off and what was underneath was more normal in color. But that was a few months PP.
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  • MrsCAAMrsCAA member
    It will fade, but it can take a while. However if its still around at the 1 year mark it will never go completely away.
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