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When to start working abs?

How soon postpartum can you start working out abs? I wanted to start some sort of exercise regimen but I did not want to do anything too soon. I remember reading somehting about starting too soon can do damage. I can't locate where I read that... Any suggestions? How soon did you wait till you started working out a bs?

Re: When to start working abs?

  • spelled something wrong... oops.

  • I'd probably wait for your 6-week appt and ask your OB then.
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  • You need to wait until your doctor clears you for exercise, usually around 6 weeks.
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  • with my c-section I had to wait until I was cleared at 6 weeks. This time I had a med-free vbac and was told I could begin exercising at 2 weeks, but to wait until 3 weeks to begin ab exercises. She also to me to take it slowly and not go to crazy. 
  • I'm waiting until my 6 week appointment for ab clearance. You don't want to work them out too early if your muscles are still separated. I started back at cardio at 2.5 weeks pp.
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  • my doctor said "activity as tolerated" so i started around 2 or 3 weeks postpartum and have had no issues :)

  • my doc said excercise at 6 weeks, abs at 8 weeks  (i had a c-section)
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  • I started light cardio and light weights 4 wks pp. I waited until my 6 wk clearance to do abs and increase my workouts.
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